Venus in Leo

Love gets playful with the love planet purring in Leo

Love planet Venus has been retrograde in Leo since July 31, 2015 -- and she's finally turning direct September 6! Venus won't leave Leo for good until October 8, 2015...!

Venus is the planet of relationships, and Leo is very dramatic, so this combination of Venus in Leo is definitely going to make your romantic life more colorful -- and that applies to both couples and singles.

The love planet comes to life in Leo. It's time to stir up some excitement and get out on the town.

Venus in Leo is a great time to flirt up a storm and meet someone new, or to put the excitement back into your relationship if you feel it's been lacking some va-va-voom.

Leo is a Fire sign that's all about drama and creativity and speaking from the heart, so this energy lights up love like a torch.

Expect playful dates, loud declarations of love, and maybe even a few jealous tantrums. Big feelings will be expressed now, one way or another!

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